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Welcome To The Distributed Age: How To Make Remote Work, Work

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In the latest edition of his book, author John O’Duinn provides guidance on how to successfully transition from the Information Age to the Distributed Age. ‘Distributed Teams: The Art and Practice of Working Together While Physically Apart’ teaches business leaders to be hyper focused on organization and operations. Jamie Orr provides key strategies from the book, including the ultimate takeaway: think big, but take relentless baby steps.

Creating The Right Spaces For Your Post-Pandemic Workplace

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The open office may be a thing of the past: large, one-size-fits-all spaces certainly don’t fit all needs, and can negatively impact productivity. Buildings may be static, but people are dynamic, so physical design must account for the motion of people through the static space. Redesigning your space for activity-based working can improve the workplace experience by better meeting the needs of your people.

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